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1Treyton KnoxQB/DB14010
3Grady AasbyWR/DB13011
5Dylan HaasWR/DB20010
7Hunter Van NiewenhuyseQB/DB21012
8Carson PalmerWR/LB16512
10Andrew KnoxWR/DB13511
11Tate HoffmanRB/DB17010
12Adam TurnerWR/DL13010
15Colby RittelWR/DB13511
19Teagan HerrickWR/DB1109
20Chase CermakWR/DB17012
21Gunner BrueggemanRB/LB14010
22Kord VanZeeRB/DB1359
40Jaden AnderbergRB/LB18511
44Trevor WerdelWR/DL18510
50Tevin CowanOL/LB19511
51Riley WerdelOL/LB1609
53Colby HarrellOL/LB2009
54Kaden DanburgOL/DL20012
55Landon SchiedOL/DL22512
57Noah JohnsonOL/DL21011
58Colby WerdelOL/LB19512
59Tucker McCauleyOL/DL21510
61Ryder RowlandOL/DL1509
62Mason KnoxOL/DL15010
65Landon WagnerOL/DL1909
66Logan PetersonOL/DL1509
67Bradley HunterOL/DL26511
72Paton CoyleOL/DL1759
77Cole MckinstryOL/DL19011
78Owen FritzscheOL/DL23011
80Hunter BrueggemanRB/LB16012
81Coby AasbyWR/DB12510
88Peyton McdonnellWR/DB16011
89Jordan ArchambeauWR/DL19012


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